Investor Relations Firms

Investor Relations Firms Recommended by Equisolve's Clients

At Equisolve we listen to our clients and pay attention to which investor relations firms our clients are happy with and which IR firms retain their clients for long periods of time.

Below are a few Investor Relations Firms that our clients put at the top of the list:

American Capital Ventures, Inc.

Casson Media Group, Inc.

Compass Investor Relations

Crescendo Communications, LLC

Darrow Associates, Inc.

(631) 367-1866

Dennard ▪ Lascar Associates, LLC

Dian Griesel Inc.

First Level Capital


(203) 682-8200

Investors Stock Daily

(888) 802-2742

IRTH Communications

Jenene Thomas Communications, LLC


(310) 691-7100

Liolios Group

MBS Value Partners

MZ Group

(212) 301-7130

PondelWilkinson Inc.

Robert Ferri Partners

The CSIR Group

The Equity Group Inc.

The Trout Group

Tiberend Strategic Advisors, Inc.

Zimmons International Communications, Inc.

(917) 214-3514

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Choosing an Investor Relations Firm

There are several factors to consider when selecting an investor relations firm. You first need to determine what stage your company is in and the specific results you are looking for from an IR firm. Does your company have a clear well defined story articulated in your website and investor presentation or do these areas need to be developed or improved? Does your Investor relations website provide up-to-date information about your company and facilitate communication with your shareholders?  Are you looking to increase the number of investors?  Are you targeting retail investors or institutional investors? Are you trying to raise money?  Are your trying to create liquidity? Are you willing to take a long term approach in creating an orderly market? The answers to these questions will greatly affect which investor relations firms you should be interviewing.

An IR firm that is more PR-focused may specialize in press release writing, crafting your company story, and writing content for your IR website and investor presentation.

An IR Firm that specializes in institutional investors will be more financially focused with deep relationships with institutions , allowing them to pitch the financial and investment aspects of your company directly to the decision makers.

Retail investor relations firms generally have several methods to attract new investors to your company. The traditional method involves the principals of the IR firm introducing your company to their established network of high-net-worth investors.  More recently, IR firms have created awareness programs that combine traditional and Internet advertising, which can create positive exposure for your company.  However, there are unscrupulous IR firms that use spam email, phone rooms, and message boards, which can be extremely damaging to your company.  If an IR firm promises you significant increase in trading volume in a short period of time, be cautious.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Some IR firms simply provide the service of handling investor inquiries via email and telephone. Typically these type firms are used by companies who are not yet ready to take their story on the road, but want to be certain that their investors are professionally handled with compliant communications.
It is very common for a company to start with one IR firm and switch firms as the company progresses from one stage to the next. This does not mean that the IR firm was doing a bad job, but simply that the company is ready to move to the next level.