Leadership Team

Knowledgable leadership backed by decades of experience

The Equisolve leadership team is made up of IR experts, award-winning creatives, and customer success specialists - all working together to improve the client and employee experience. Deep experience and strong values guide every decision we make.

Tom Runzo headshot portrait Tom Runzo three-quarter portrait

Tom Runzo

CEO & Co-founder

Eric Mason headshot portrait Eric Mason three-quarter portrait

Eric Mason

CTO, COO, & Co-founder

Gerald Kieft headshot portrait Gerald Kieft three-quarter portrait

Gerald Kieft


Sandy Caputo headshot portrait Sandy Caputo three-quarter portrait

Sandy Caputo

VP, Client Success

Jennifer Denny headshot portrait Jennifer Denny three-quarter portrait

Jennifer Denny

VP, Operations

Cara Lemieux headshot portrait Cara Lemieux three-quarter portrait

Cara Lemieux

VP, Corporate Communications & Creative

David Morales headshot portrait David Morales three-quarter portrait

David Morales

VP, Product Development

Allison Kratz headshot portrait Allison Kratz three-quarter portrait

Allison Kratz

General Counsel

Lance Beckham headshot portrait Lance Beckham three-quarter portrait

Lance Beckham

VP, Business Development

Kelly Runfola headshot portrait Kelly Runfola three-quarter portrait

Kelly Runfola

VP, Business Development

David Weeks headshot portrait David Weeks three-quarter portrait

David Weeks

VP, Sales

Tami Gaines headshot portrait Tami Gaines three-quarter portrait

Tami Gaines

Creative Director

Agustina Prigoshin headshot portrait Agustina Prigoshin three-quarter portrait

Agustina Prigoshin

Director of Content Strategy

Stephanie Serafine headshot portrait Stephanie Serafine three-quarter portrait

Stephanie Serafine

Director of Application Development

Nicholas Tesh headshot portrait Nicholas Tesh three-quarter portrait

Nicholas Tesh

Team Lead, Front End Web Development

Chris Kroll headshot portrait Chris Kroll three-quarter portrait

Chris Kroll

Director of Information Security

Tony Scheufler headshot portrait Tony Scheufler three-quarter portrait

Tony Scheufler

Director of Account Management

Lauren Vorwald headshot portrait Lauren Vorwald three-quarter portrait

Lauren Vorwald

Director of Sales Development

Rachel Rowell headshot portrait Rachel Rowell three-quarter portrait

Rachel Rowell

Operations Manager, Accessibility

Ozzie Benitoa headshot portrait Ozzie Benitoa three-quarter portrait

Ozzie Benitoa

Director of Platform Services

Jacob Knopf headshot portrait Jacob Knopf three-quarter portrait

Jacob Knopf

QA Lead

Colby Mills headshot portrait Colby Mills three-quarter portrait

Colby Mills

Document Remediation Specialist