Leadership Team

Knowledgable leadership backed by decades of experience

The Equisolve leadership team is made up of IR experts, award-winning creatives, and customer success specialists - all working together to improve the client and employee experience. Deep experience and strong values guide every decision we make.

Tom Runzo Tom Runzo

Tom Runzo

CEO & Co-founder

Eric Mason Eric Mason

Eric Mason

CTO, COO, & Co-founder

Gerald Kieft Gerald Kieft

Gerald Kieft


Sandy Caputo Sandy Caputo

Sandy Caputo

VP, Client Success

Jennifer Denny Jennifer Denny

Jennifer Denny

VP, Operations

Cara Lemieux Cara Lemieux

Cara Lemieux

VP, Creative & Content

David Morales David Morales

David Morales

VP, Product Development

Lance Beckham Lance Beckham

Lance Beckham

VP, Business Development

Glenn Kesner Glenn Kesner

Glenn Kesner

VP, Studio

Kelly Runfola Kelly Runfola

Kelly Runfola

VP, Business Development

David Weeks David Weeks

David Weeks

VP, Sales

Tami Gaines Tami Gaines

Tami Gaines

Creative Director

Agustina Prigoshin Agustina Prigoshin

Agustina Prigoshin

Director of Content Strategy

Stephanie Serafine Stephanie Serafine

Stephanie Serafine

Director of Application Development

Ben Vilina Ben Vilina

Ben Vilina

Director of Front End Development

Chris Kroll Chris Kroll

Chris Kroll

Director of Information Security

Tony Scheufler Tony Scheufler

Tony Scheufler

Director of Account Management

Lauren Vorwald Lauren Vorwald

Lauren Vorwald

Director of Sales Development

Rachel Rowell Rachel Rowell

Rachel Rowell

Operations Manager, Accessibility

Ozzie Benitoa Ozzie Benitoa

Ozzie Benitoa

Director of Platform Services

Jacob Knopf Jacob Knopf

Jacob Knopf

QA Lead

Colby Mills Colby Mills

Colby Mills

Document Remediation Specialist