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for all users in real-time

Our Accessibility as a Service will keep your IR Website and everything on it accessible, including SEC Filings, press releases, PDFs, video & audio files.
Posting accessible documents in real-time prevents selective disclosure, making the content on your site accessible to people with disabilities using assistive technology. 

Trained and certified in the WCAG accessibility standard


Of our team is trained in WCAG accessibility standards

Our client service specialists, content strategists, designers, developers, and project managers are trained in IR Website accessibility through Deque. Key team members are also trained on document accessibility.

International Association of Accessiblity Professionals - Organizational Member

The only real-time IR Website accessibility solution

Multiple patent-pending technologies allow us to make SEC filings, press releases, and documents accessible for those using assistive technology in real-time.

SEC Filings, Newswire, Client PDFs & Presentations
SEC Filings, Newswire, Client PDFs & Presentations

Scan & test

Every press release, SEC filing, document and change is scanned and tested before being added to the IR Website.

Proprietary technology

In real time, Equisolve Proprietary Technology remediates the files making them accessible.

Weekly scan, test, remediate, and certify accessibility

Public website

IR Website is now accessible.

Why prioritize IR Website accessibility?

Stop discrimination

Provide equal access to people with disabilities and anyone using assistive technology.

Comply with Regulation FD

Selectively disclosing to people without disabilities can be problematic.

Avoid lawsuits

There are nearly 5,000 accessibility website lawsuits each year and that doesn’t include demand letters and settlements.

Increase ESG & DEI efforts

Increase your ESG ratings and DEI initiatives by improving your social efforts and reducing the risk of lawsuits. 

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