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Should your company hire an Equity Research Analyst?

Smaller, less-known public companies often find it worthwhile to hire one or more Equity Research Analysts to provide them with coverage. Such equity research coverage can be an invaluable tool that can help a company raise additional capital and / or attract new investors to its publicly traded shares. However, all research companies are not alike, and companies considering hiring a sponsored research firm should consider the following factors in making a purchase decision:

Things to consider when engaging an Equity Research Firm

  1. Does the firm employ research analysts who hold the CFA designation? The CFA charter is widely considered the most prestigious designation in the equity research business, and most of the top analysts have completed the rather arduous requirements necessary to attain it. The CFA also sets a high standard of objectivity for its members, so CFA charter holders are held to an even higher standard than that typically provided by law.
  2. Does the equity research firm's research product read well?  Is the equity research report they publish of value to both individual and institutional investors?  Is it cleanly and attractively presented?  Individual investors, especially, will often judge the quality of a published analysis first by look-and-feel characteristics as much as by the quality of the analysis itself.
  3. How will the equity research firm distribute your research report?