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Video, Photography and Visual Content for Public Companies

It's The dawn Of A New Era In The Digital Frontier

The Emmy, Webby and Marcom award winning digital agency now offers the most important audience engagement tool since storytelling began.

Video, Photography and Visual Content

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Every Pixel Tells A Story

Every company has a story to tell. At Equisolve, we bring those stories to life and connect them to audiences online and around the world. Every client receives Hollywood caliber productions and an Emmy award-winning team of brand builders, strategists, writers, filmmakers and visual storytellers. 

We deliver high-quality creative solutions for internal and external communications through our 4 core offerings: Digital, Identity, Studio and Distribution. Our clients benefit from services that range from corporate and IR websites to branding materials, as well as video production to social media, newswire and webcast management.

Our vast experience with public companies, the sectors they operate in, along with our proprietary software and data analysis, have us one step ahead with successfully captivating target audiences. Alongside stellar ongoing management, this equates to better service, in a shorter time, with greater value.

What's Your Story?

Areas of Focus

From the largest public companies to biotech, investor relations and all forms of business and consumer marketing as well as corporate communications; we collaborates closely with our clients to create digital experiences that build brands and business.

Corporate Overview / IR

Speak to your business and shareholders with compelling video that conveys your business, strategy, accomplishments and goals to great effect


Showcase your platform technology with amazing Mechanism of Action animations told in a manner that resonates with your audience

Human Resources

Supercharge your business with dymanic video production presenting topics such as employee onboarding, compliance testing, and safety training

How it’s made

Go beyond speaking by visually bringing to life the process when people ask "How did you make that?"


Communicate the outstanding benefits of your products through powerful imagery and narration


Take interoffice communication to a new level of efficiency with enriched animated media that resonates with employees while satisfying your business needs

TV Branding

From launches and re-designs to on-air, off-air, upfronts, OTT, promos, interstitials and original content; The team at Equisolve has launched, promoted and created content for some of the best known brands on TV, digital and entertainment brands.

Documentary Content

Whether it's an on-camera conversation with a CEO or evocative stories about your clients; Equisolve creates story driven long and short-form documentary content to engage audiences to share and be a part of your story.

Video Content

Advertisers lost trust when they 'pushed' their message and told audiences how to feel. Today the audience is in control. The best way to build your brand is to create regularly scheduled video and visual content that grows your audience, "pulls" them in and makes them want to be a part of the experience.

Selected Works

This amazing portfolio of selected works comes from the award winning Auracana brand strategy, TV and video content team that is now part of Equisolve.

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IMV DPX Lipid Based Delivery Platform

Equisolve ADA: Accessibility As A Service

MOA Video: BION 1301 Anti-APRIL Monoclonal Antibody

MOA Video: Gritstone Oncology Cancer Neoantigen Platform

MOA Video: STING - Anti-Tumor Immuno-Oncology

MOA Video: Solid Tumor Growth Inhibitor

Medical Device/MOA: Rapid Pathogen Detection System

MOA Video: Human Biome Immunology Platform

Medical Device/MOA: Biocompatible Blood Barrier Technology

Mechanism Of Action - How It's Made Montage

Event Video: "How Do You Make That?" Textron Aviation

Agency: Inventive Marketing

Event Video: Customer Testimonial

Agency: Inventive Marketing

Event Video: "How Do You Make That?" Textron TruFlight Simulation

HR Video: Staff Recruitment & Onboarding

Agency: Shotgun Media

Event Video: Global Leadership Meeting

Agency: Inventive Marketing

PR Video: Veterinary Hospital Beta Testing

TV Network Image Campaign: "Be There"

Agency: Auracana

TV Network Upfront Event: Overview Video

Agency: Production: Anatomy Media

TV Network Launch: Image Campaign: "Medical Sundays"

Agency: Auracana

Viral Video: "If It Isn't Fresh, It Isn't Legal."

Agency: Pod Digitsl Design

Investor Relations Roadshow Video: Media Content Platform

TV Show Open: Dirty Jobs

Agency: Auracana

TV Network Brand Redesign Package

Agency: Auracana

Web Video Content: Healthcare Electronic Documents Software

Agency: Broadway Marketing

TV Network Launch Image Campaign: "I Can"

Agency: Auracana

TV Network Video Content: "Food Network Challenge"

Agency: Auracana

Equisolve Documentary/Testimonial Reel


The Equisolve Video Content Process

A streamlined 6 step process with an experienced team that brings together brand and content strategy, concept and creative development, licensing & distribution, and video analytics to maximize reach and audience engagement.

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